Happy 27th Birthday Queen Hilary Duff! (09.28.14)


#HappyBirthday Queen #HilaryDuff :3


#HappyBirthday Queen #HilaryDuff :3

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[1977.09.20, an angel were born] There’s a lot of things that I wish I could say to her personally. Things like, "You give me life", "Your songs makes me dance and some makes me cry", and especially "I love you". Namie Amuro to me isn’t just my favorite singer, who I know every song and dedicated my life to read several times her biography and watch her videos. She’s a part of me, like a beginning, a rebirth. The interest and curiosity that I had years ago to a japanese singer made what I am today, and I regret nothing. She’s a lovely person with sparkles in the eyes, cutest smile and a delicate voice like a angel. She’s a stronger woman full of care, always thinking in the family first. She’s so special to me that if I tried to describe all this important, it would be a failed attempt, the tears would speak for me. I love you is all I can say, and I hope to live longer to see her smile, to hear more new songs that will come, and, of course, see her happy. Every fan of yours love you more than you think, Namie, and will be with you until the end. Happy Birthday!

Okinawa pamphlet excerpts from JMP

1996 → 2014

5 years, 60 months, 281 weeks, 19767 days, 47208 hours, 67979520 minutes and 4078771200 seconds with four amazing girls who claim to have no permanent style because they recreate and reinvent themselves from time to time. Continue to become the flowers that will never wither; flowers that will always bloom. Happy 5th Anniversary, 2-N-EH-1! \(^▽^*) (*^▽^)/ #5YearsWith2NE1

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